Once you have partnered with a professional installation company, you may have some questions about how the entire process works. After all, you have a lot riding on what happens next.

With that in mind, read on for some answers to common furniture installation questions.

Communication is Key

You will want to be dealing with a single point of contact from start to finish, so you never have to feel as if you are explaining your situation anew every time you call. Your project is coordinated, and all installation dates, receiving and accounting are handled efficiently. You should feel confident at every step of the process that you know what is happening, in what order, and why.

Engage Highly Trained Staff to Help You

When you choose an installation company, you will want to be assured that the personnel have completed a rigorous training program so they are familiar with procedures and processes. If there are fragile furniture pieces, artwork, or delicate merchandise, the staff should know exactly how they are to be packaged and installed.

Receiving Procedures

Once received, all products are inspected for damages. It doesn’t matter if it’s for an in home installation or other professional business; if warehousing is needed, all pieces are organized and stored by project. Warehousing facilities are clean, climate controlled and monitored for security and fire.

How It All Comes Together

Each individual installation project is opened right in the warehouse. All pieces are accounted for, all factory wrapping is removed. Any furniture that can be assembled there is put together; this helps our staff to identify any missing hardware and ascertain damage if seen. Then, all furniture is blanketed or shrink-wrapped before delivery to your site.

Professional Installation For You

The property needs to be inspected before and after each installation. Carpet shields are laid in entry ways to ensure no dirt or debris is carried in. Doors and jams are fully padded, and staircases are covered for protection.

If something is not exactly right, it will need to be re-positioned. This includes hanging art, paintings, draperies and all special items. You will want to have everything done according to your specifications.

You will want to engage professionals that have the ability to problem solve and help you to find solutions on the spot. It is key to engage a team such as American Western Distribution, which operates with integrity, teamwork and an emphasis on always doing the right thing.