One of the finishing touches to any room is its art. You may have specific items such as lamps or vases that will complement your room and its colors and textures. One of the things that seem to stump people is how to correctly hang their wall art.

It’s Not One Size Fits All

Wall art comes in many shapes and sizes. You may have brand new items that need to be positioned, or older more traditional family portraits and the like that look well together.

If you walk into any home or hardware store, you’ll be amazed and confused at all of the hardware you can buy for picture hanging. What works best for wall art installation?

Do an Inventory First

Know exactly what you’ve got. Know exactly where these pieces will go. You’ll probably end up with leftovers, but that’s okay, you can assess your walls when the essentials are up there.

For smaller items, use small hooks, wires, or hangers. Push pins used for very small wall hangings actually come in decorative styles. Eye hooks work well with small art and if you want to ensure additional safety, purchase D-rings. Many of these items are sold in kits small and large, and include picture hooks and nails, picture wire, eye hooks, d-rings and wall mounting tabs.

When Your Artwork is Over-Sized

We all love those larger-than-life paintings or wall art. What works better than anything are professional grade picture hooks. They work fabulously on whatever over-sized wall art you’re talking about. That’s because they distribute the weight of the art on the wall.

How High To Hang Your Art

This is another question that begs a correct answer. Some people prefer items to be placed high on the walls, others like things low or too low. This is where an interior installation service comse in handy. They have the expertise to solve all of your wall art problems. No challenge is too big for them.

In fact, they will be able to guide you as to how certain art work should be placed; in a dining room, for instance, wall art can be lower because for the most part, you are seated in this room. Who knew?

Hanging pictures vertically or placing multiple pictures on a wall present their own special constraints. In home installation services will have all of the answers to every wall art question you can ask.