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Warehouse Fire Prevention Best Practices

Warehouses that are packed with highly combustible materials, such as plastic bins and cardboard boxes, are susceptible to catching fire from errant sparks. Once fire strikes, steel racks can warp and collapse from the heat. With more warehouses adopting automation, there is increased risk for fire as robots pick and pack orders and goods are […]

Inventory Management Best Practices

If you read business journals, you’ll have read about companies that have fallen victim to the Amazon effect, as a result of which they are collectively losing billions of dollars. Inefficient inventory controls that negatively impact inventory planning and forecasting are responsible for some of this loss. It’s no secret that traditional forecasting methods are not […]

5 Examples of Automation in Logistics

With supply chains continually growing and evolving, so is the automation technology that streamlines logistics management. Here are five examples of how automation technology is improving warehousing and materials handling in logistics management. #1. Self-Driving Forklifts Forklifts that are autonomous help cut labor costs in warehouses. They can also improve safety by eliminating human errors […]

Comparison of Distribution Strategies

Having the right distribution strategies in place can give you a great advantage over your competitors. You could have the best products in the world, but if you cannot get them to your customers in a timely and cost-effective manner, you’re wasting money on marketing and you’re losing opportunities for growth. When determining what distribution […]

Best Practices for Warehouses

No matter the industry or the product being sold, all companies can benefit from improved warehouse operations. This is an area of business where supply chain managers look to obtain maximum efficiency while keeping costs in check. A balance that streamlines the supply chain and the budget is achieved by implementing some of the best […]

Supply Chain Strategy: Lowering Costs vs Increasing Sales

It’s no secret: improving supply chains will improve sales. This is something  executives have always known about. However, because it was difficult to evaluate the supply chain/increased sales correlation, most companies only approved supply chain investments based on expected cost reductions and their working capital. Today, with the digitalization of supply chains and the wealth […]

Examples of Inventory Control Systems

An important component of good warehouse services is inventory management. This includes the creation and maintenance of a sensible, effective warehousing design. A well-organized, user-friendly warehouse layout is an enormous benefit to business owners, especially if they are involved in processing large volumes of goods and materials. Conversely, an inefficient warehouse system can cost businesses […]

The Basics of Logistic Management

Distribution logistics management is the efficient transfer of goods from the source of supply through the place of manufacture to the point of consumption in a cost-effective manner while providing an acceptable service to the end customer of the product. The logistics management process begins with raw material accumulation to the final stage of delivering […]

Defining Warehousing Logistics

Warehousing management is a key part of the supply chain and is primarily concerned with controlling the movement and storage of material within a warehouse.  Warehousing logistics and management includes processing associated transactions including shipping, receiving, and the storing and retrieving of items (put away and picking). The prime objective warehousing management is to facilitate […]

Warehousing Inspection: Why It’s Important

Some companies throw their inventory in a warehouse and leave it alone. That is a huge mistake. Whether you are using your own warehouse or you outsource your warehouse and fulfillment services to an outside company, inspections are important. If you use your own warehouse, you will need to inspect it on your own. If […]