Warehouse managers have to deal with a dizzying array of logistics on a daily basis. Questions such as how many product items to order for the warehouse at one time, how many workers to employ and how to ensure the entire operation remains profitable require all of the manager’s ingenuity. Here are some useful tips for keeping warehouse management operations running smoothly and efficiently.

1. Automate Data Collection

The days of noting down logistic numbers on a pad or a computer are long gone, so don’t remain stuck in the past. Automatic data collection with the help of bar codes and radio frequency identification allows you to save time and lower labor costs in the warehouse.

2. Use Bin Locations

Most of the distribution software packages on the market today make use of bin locations. They allow you to locate products in an instant instead of plowing through lines of inventory trying to locate a single item. Some believe using bin locations may disrupt the vendor lines, but in reality they allow you to locate products based on sales volume. This way key items that are ordered most often can be accessed more quickly.

3. Employ Asset Tracking

With asset tracking, you can make accurate forecast assessments and lower costs while improving inventory management. The need to keep surplus stock on hand is reduced since you can accurately predict the items you will need to stock in which quantities.

4. Give Top Priority to Warehouse Safety

Simply complying with fire codes and OSHA is not enough. Doing the bare minimum to conform to safety regulations won’t help if an actual disaster strikes. The life of your warehouse can be greatly increased by staying up-to-date on safety best practices.