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Holiday Distribution and Shipping Strategy

It’s no secret that the holidays make many small business owners anxious when it comes to distribution and shipping. There’s worry about increased volume, increased costs and possibility of delays from winter weather or driver shortages — all of which can add up to dissatisfied customers. Now is the time to prepare your holiday distribution strategy […]

AWD Bridges Logistics Technology Gap

Third-party logistics has come a long way in technologies that address shipper needs. 3PL technology brings greater automation, faster response to disruptions in supply chains, and increased visibility of shipments. But two studies on the logistics market that were presented in September at the annual conference of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals show […]

Disruptive Innovations in Warehouse Management

When the word “disruptive” is used, thoughts often come to mind that nothing good can come out of what is being described as disruptive. However, the term “disruptive innovation” is used to describe a new market and value network and how it disrupts an existing market with the potential to greatly improve. Warehouse management is […]

Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management (SCM) is the management of supply chain activities with the intent to maximize value to customers while achieving a sustainable advantage over the competition. SCM comprises the efforts of companies and their supply chain partners to develop and run supply chains in the most effective and efficient way. SCM oversees each process […]

Differences between Professional Installers and Movers

Interior installations and renovations give your home or office an elegant appeal, but they can be expensive. Doing the installation by yourself can cost you a substantial amount of money in the end. Taking shortcuts is like bandaging a possibly bigger problem. Interior installations demand accurate measurements and professional techniques to make sure the job […]

Guide to 3PL for Small Business Owners

If you run an e-commerce business or any kind of business that requires you to ship out products, then you need to find a way to store and ship your inventory. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using 3PL (third-party logistics). The following are a few of the benefits that you […]

Top Challenges for Logistics Providers 2017

The advent of the Internet of Things and smart technology has expanded the responsibilities of logistics providers. Here are the top challenges that the industry will face in 2017: 1. Rapidly Changing Delivery Orders More and more customers are demanding a greater window of time to change orders. With better transport facilities, companies are in […]

Supply Chain Distribution: What You Need To Know

At American Western Distribution, we pride ourselves on keeping the client in the loop and well informed every step of the way while attending to their interior installation needs. So let’s talk about the supply distribution chain and what you need to know about it. A lot has changed in the way supply chains and […]

3PL Transportation Capabilities Nationwide

When working with any kind of supply chain, logistics is a vital part of making sure products, packages and goods arrive at a set location on a set date. Installation service providers often work with varying third party material manufacturers. Due to this, relying on transportation between the third parties can prove difficult as different […]

Best Medical Warehouse Supply in Phoenix

Medical supply warehousing is heavily regulated. Every stage, from packing to installation, must comply with FDA regulations that are far too precise for a standard warehousing business. You need a distributor who keeps strict standards of cleanliness, temperature control, and humidity at every link in the supply chain. Inventory control entails more than just the […]